Just a Dream

Just a Dream is my debut CD as a singer/songwriter. It took a few years to write then a couple more to record. It is an eclectic mix of styles. I would call it Americana with a little bit of classical thrown in. Here is a brief overview of the songs.

1. "Just a Dream". A song of hope and self acceptance.

2." I Can't Stay Here". A song about lingering in a bad relationship and ultimately letting go.

3. "There was a Time". A song that reflects on the exhilaration of past love and the pain of moving on.

4. "Railroad Gate". A bluesy number about finding and following one's true destiny.

5. "The Lonesome Guitar". A finger picked instrumental whose home is on the border between classical and folk.

6. "Louisa Mae". A song about the plight of the homeless and society's attitude toward them

7. "Theme Song". A  country/bluegrass instrumental featuring fiddle and guitar.

8. "Hold on to the Simple" A slow ballad about letting go of judgement.

9. "I see the Light". A gospel number with great instrumental solos.

10. "The Fate of my Heart". An old school country ballad.

11. "Way Back Home". A vocal duet about addiction and recovery.

12. "Easy Pickin's". A hot bluegrass instrumental with great solos on guitar, mandolin and violin.

13. "Rue the Day". A moody and discordant song about unrequited love.

14. "The Powers that Be". A song that asks "who's in charge here" 

15. "Shipwrecked Sailor". A finger picked song about universal trials and tribulations.

16. "For Emily". An introspective piece for solo guitar.

Many thanks to all the talented people who helped me create this CD.

Annie Mark- Vocals
Chris James- Vocals, pedal steel guitar, organ and electric guitar
Ernie Sykes- Bass
Chris Ripley- Drums
Warren Bee Bachman- Harmonica
Bill Palumbo- Harmonica
Gary Oleyar- Violin and Mandolin
Steve Finkelstein- Percussion
Jon Preddice- Cello
Jessica Upham- Vocals
Steve and Sandy Edwards and Rob Simone- Back up vocals
Engineered by Tom Fatarusso

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